.nz Dispute Resolution Service

A service provided by the Domain Name Commission for use by parties in situations where there is a dispute over who should be the registrant for a domain name.

Complaints are made online, and then mailed to our offices, accompanied by annexes which back up the statements made in the online complaint. The initial stages of the process including mediation are free for both parties to use. A fee is charged only if referral to an Expert is required for a determination.

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Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

The ASA deals with complaints about all advertising content across all media.

The complaint must be lodged in writing and a name and address is required. This service is free.

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Banking Ombudsman

Free service for resolving or determining complaints about banks, if unresolved after consideration by the bank.

Also advice on making a complaint about a bank.

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Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA)

Complaints about content in television and radio programmes.

Complaint must be made in writing to the broadcaster in the first instance, within 20 working days of the programme (except if a breach of privacy or an election programme). If not satisfied with the response the complaint may then be referred to the BSA. Complaint must be made with reference to one (or more) of the standards in the relevant code of broadcasting practice. Free service. Website contains codes and links to broadcasters’ online complaint forms.

For further information:
Telephone: 0800 366 966

Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission promotes dynamic and responsive markets so that New Zealanders benefit from competitive prices, better quality and greater choice.

We enforce:

  • Fair Trading Act:
    • Misleading and false representations/conduct
    • Misleading advertising
    • Unfair contract terms
  • Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act:
    • Credit and personal lending
    • Banks, credit unions, lenders, credit providers, pawnbrokers
    • Consumer credit, consumer leases and property buy-back transactions
    • Personal loans, mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards, vehicle loans, revolving credit.
    • Repossession practices.

The Commission also has a regulatory role in the telecommunications sector, the dairy sector, and parts of the electricity, gas and airports sectors.

Please note that we are not a complaints resolution service. We do not necessarily take action on behalf of individuals, but act in the public interest, using screening criteria to prioritise and select cases.

We do not enforce the Consumer Guarantees Act which deals with your rights when you buy faulty goods or services.

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Consumer NZ

Consumer NZ offers a free advice service to its members about all issues relating to consumer goods and services. Consumer NZ also offers free advice to all consumers who have an issue with a Consumer Trusted business.

It has a particular expertise in matters relating to the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act. However, it offers advice on a wide spectrum of consumer topics.

For further information:
Telephone: 04 3847963

Department of Internal Affairs - Charities

The Department of Internal Affairs will investigate any person or organisation who is engaged in conduct in breach of the Charities Act or where there is serious wrongdoing in connection with a registered charity.

Internal Affairs is able to initiate its own inquiries, or act in response to information or complaints provided to us.

Complaints must be submitted in writing to Internal Affairs and should include as much information as possible to enable Internal Affairs to effectively assess the complaint and decide the appropriate course of action. You can use our online complaints form on our website.

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Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)

A free and independent service for consumers to make complaints about financial service organisations and advisers.

A free and independent service for consumers to make complaints about financial service organisations-finance and insurance companies; banks; credit unions; superannuation trustees; forex operators; pension plans; fund managers; public issuers; contributory mortgage brokers and nominees companies etc; and financial advisors.

The financial organisation organisation or adviser being complained about must be a member of the FDR service. Consumers can see the full list of scheme members on the FDR website:

Complaints must be made first to the financial service provider or adviser, who must be given a chance to respond.

Complaints can be made in writing, online or by telephone.

For further information:
Telephone: 0508 337 337

Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL)

Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) is an independent dispute resolution scheme for resolving and determining complaints against financial service providers.

FSCL has been approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.

FSCL\'s service is free to consumers.

FSCL can consider complaints about financial services including:

  • financial planning
  • financial advice and investments
  • insurance broking
  • mortgage and finance broking
  • stock broking
  • loans and credit
  • superannuation funds
  • managed funds
  • funds transfers
  • foreign exchange
  • card services
  • insurance

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Health & Disability Commissioner (HDC)

The Health and Disability Commissioner considers complaints that providers have breached the rights of consumers using health and disability services.

Consumers are encouraged to first complain to the provider or use the free independent advocacy service.

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Human Rights Commission (HRC)

For unlawful discrimination complaints and human rights enquiries.

Mediation and information service is free. Complaints do not need to be in writing.

For further information:
Telephone: 0800 496877

Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA)

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is an independent body that keeps watch over the Police.

The Authority is an Independent, Crown Entity and is not part of the Police. It is headed by a Board with a Judge as the Chair.

It accepts complaints alleging Police misconduct or neglect of duty; or complaints about Police practices, policies and procedures. Examples of ‘misconduct’ include excessive or unreasonable use of force, dishonesty, threats or harassment, unlawful arrest, and a range of other actions. ‘Neglect of duty’ includes failure to investigate, prosecute, notify or respond to a crime. The Authority has its own investigators and also oversees Police investigations into complaints.

The Authority also investigates incidents involving Police that has resulted in the death of, or serious bodily injury to, any person. The police are required by law to notify the Authority of such incidents and the Authority the considers whether an independent investigation is required, even if it does not receive a complaint.

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Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Inc (IFSO)

Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Inc (IFSO) is an independent service for resolving insurance and savings disputes, which is free to consumers.

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO Scheme) investigates complaints about: all areas of insurance; investments; loans and credit; superannuation; financial advice; and foreign exchange. The IFSO Scheme receives about 300 complaints and 3000 complaint enquiries each year.

For further information:
Telephone: 0800 888 202

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Consumer Protection and Standards

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employments Consumer Protection & Standards branch investigates complaints from the public about short weight or measure, unsafe consumer goods, and fuel quality, and provides occupational licensing and registratio

The Ministry’s Consumer Protection & Standards branch also provides general information and education on consumer law and related issues. However, it is not resourced to provide direct advice to all consumers. In the first instance, consumers should contact their nearest Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Community Law Centre, or for credit issues their Budgeting Advice Service.

For further information:

  • Consumer Protection.
  • Trading Standards.
  • MBIE occupational licensing.
  • New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority.

  • Making a complaint relating to…
  • Weight or measure.
  • Unsafe products.
  • Electrical workers.
  • Building practitioners.
  • Immigration advisers.
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    Netsafe is an independent not for profit New Zealand organisation focused on online safety. Netsafe provides online safety help, support, expertise and education to people in New Zealand.

    For further information:
    Telephone: 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723)


    The Ombudsman helps the community in its dealings with government agencies.

    The Ombudsman may investigate administrative acts or decisions by state sector agencies which affect someone in their personal capacity. These include:

    • most central government agencies, such as those responsible for accident compensation, benefit payments, school boards, housing, health, immigration, passports, taxation and child support;
    • local government agencies, including those responsible for roads, drainage, animal control, planning and enforcement of building or resource consents.

    Complainants should attempt to resolve the complaint with the agency concerned first.

    The Ombudsmen will also investigate responses by state secor agencies and Ministers to requests for access to official information. Requests may be made for access to any information that is held by an agency, including information on government policy or a copy of specific document.

    The Ombudsman also carries out a range of roles that go toward protecting a person’s rights, like monitoring places of detention, and the implementation of the UN Disabilities Convention. In addition, the Ombudsman can assist employees who wish to report serious wrong doing in their work place (protected disclosure/ whistle–blowing).

    The Ombudsman does not act as an advocate for a complainant of the agency complained against and cannot investigate complains about private individuals, private companies, lawyers, and MP’s. The Ombudsman can only investigate the Police and Ministers in relation to requests for access to official information.

    An Ombudsman’s investigation is free and is conducted in private.

    For further information:

    Press Council (NZPC)

    Accepts complaints against the editorial content of newspapers and magazines (and their websites). Also some digital news sites and bloggers who have joined the Council. See the Council’s website for details.

    You must complain in writing to the editor of the publication first. This service is free.

    For further information:

    Privacy Commissioner

    The Privacy Commissioner will accept complaints where a party is alleged to have breached a Privacy Act provision.

    Complaints are received in writing; or via our 0800 number. The service is free of charge.

    For further information:
    Telephone: 0800 803 909

    Quality Commission Scheme

    A free, independent complaints resolution service for students at private tertiary education providers which are members if Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand.

    Before filing a complaint a student must first have completed the internal complaints procedure of the provider.

    For further information:

    Real Estate Authority

    The Real Estate Authority is the independent government agency that regulates the New Zealand real estate industry. Our job is to promote a high standard of service and professionalism in the real estate industry and help protect buyers and sellers

    Anyone can make a complaint to us about the behaviour of a current or former real estate agent. It is free to make a complaint.

    More information about how to make a complaint can be found on our website or you can give us a call to discuss your concerns.

    For further information:
    Telephone: 0800forREA (0800 367 732) OR +64 (04) 471 8930

    Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR)

    A free and independent service for consumers to make complaints about their telecommunication company.

    The TDR service covers the majority of telecommunication companies in New Zealand. Complaints must be made to the telecommunication company concerned first, and the company given a chance to respond. Complaints can be made in writing, online or by telephone.

    For further information:
    Telephone: 0508 98 98 98

    Utilities Disputes

    Handles complaints about utilities providers, including electricity, gas and broadband shared property access.

    Individuals and businesses can complain over the phone or by email, fax or letter. This scheme is independent and free to complainants.

    For further information:
    Telephone: 0800 22 33 40